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            Alicia Raye


            Alicia Raye was born on April 17, in Las Vegas, Nevada. When Alicia was seven years old, her family moved to San Diego, California, where she grew up, and still calls home. Alicia loved to perform ever since she was a little girl. She always knew she wanted to be a performer, growing up she participated in numerous talent shows, winning for singing, dance, and poetry. It was at sixth grade camp, during a successful talent competition, that Alicia realized she wanted to be a professional actress.

            Alicia Raye attended the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Art, where she received theatre, dance, and vocal training, as well as performing in shows such as A Midsummer Night's Dream and West Side Story. "It was in Ms. Lewis' drama class that I knew I could do this. It became a reality every time I stepped on campus." (Alicia Raye)

            Alicia moved to Los Angeles, California at the tender age of 19 to attend a performing arts college. After completing two semesters at the school, despite her outstanding grades and praise from her professors, Alicia did not feel the school was giving her what she needed to succeed in the entertainment industry.

            Alicia currently resides in a small city just outside of Los Angeles. She continues to take acting classes to perfect her technique, as well as auditioning and booking roles in theatre, film, and television.