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            Gary Bullock


            Born July 19, 1941, and raised in Elizabethton, Tennessee. His father, Robert Bullock, was a great movie fan, and Gary got to see a lot of movies when still a small boy, from Fred and Ginger, Bogart and Bacall, to Gary Cooper and of course, Roy Rogers. Fascinated with acting, he nonetheless had an earlier career as a computer programmer, working at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, and the Millstone Radar site, in New England. He abandoned that career path to become an actor later in life, and met his wife, Mil Nicholson, during a stage production of The Crucible. She is the love of his life. Mil and Gary now record audio books, with Mil performing all the characters of Charles Dickens' novels, while Gary is in the process of narrating a documentary of the 325th Fighter Group of World War 2, "The Checkertails". Gary has also authored two screenplays, "Elsewhen", a sci-fi romance, and "Ridge Runner", and true Civil War story, with others in the works. He is also writing a novelization of the screenplay "Elsewhen". In his spare time, he builds and flies model aircraft, numbering about 35, and growing.