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            Cyrille Andrieu-Lacu


            French actor, dancer, singer. Studied in France with the famous actress Marcelle Tassencourt and in UK at Bristol Old Vic Theater and the American Drama academy of London.

            On the screen, he performed various kind of characters, the Serial killer of Arachnée, the stupid husband in Bien mal acquis, the TV star David Letterman, the famous painter Yves Klein in Mr Sweet's invention, the Prime Minister's adviser in the TV series Reporter, or the funny and very emotional greek jewish grand-father of Arthur, David Cohen in Michel Leclerc's last movie Le nom des gens.

            He has a long career on the stage, where he has performed in more than twenty plays, mostly tragedies (Oedipus Rex, Noces de sang, many Shakespeare's as the stupid and cupid Thurio in Two gentlemen's of Verone and the choir and french ambassador in Henry V, The war of Troie will not be, Britannicus in Britannicus), musicals and ballets. He was recently Nicola Sacco in the successful Sacco & Vanzetti, by Loic Joyez, and Bernard Kouchner in Dieu venge l'innocent/Imana ihora hoze, by Catherine Decastel on the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda.