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            Gregg Prosser


            Gregg Prosser was born January 15,1971 in Brooklyn New York. The son of Ann and Rusty(Gilbert)Prosser. Gregg was the second of four children, sister Kerry and brothers Jamie and Keith , where raised in Marine Park =, Brooklyn. Growing up with strong Irish-Catholic influences, Gregg attended Good Shepherd grammar school and then went on to Xavier High School in Manhattan. He attributes much of who is today , to his time at Xavier. After high school Gregg attended Hunter College before moving on to Long Island College Hospital (LICH) school Of Radiologic Technology. Gregg has been a MRI/CT/XRAY tech since 1993. While attending LICH , Gregg met his wife Tania, they where married December 9, 1994. They have four children, Samantha, Gregory, Megan, and Melanie and reside in Bayville, New York. Gregg decided to follow his dreams and began acting in 2009. Gregg began studying at T.Schrieber Studio in 2011, under Peter Jensen. Gregg's first major role was on the USA network TV show "White Collar" where he played Young James. He continues to audition, write, and produce in the NYC area.