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            Jennifer Decker


            This beautiful French actress started out as a theatrical actress, her first approach was the role of Juliet, in the famous play of "Romeo & Juliet" directed by Irina Brook, who cast her at the age of 18. The play went highly successful and toured throughout France as well as abroad for many months.

            Afterward, she began to show interest on cinematography, for that she will next appear in Steve Suissa's "L'Amour Dangereux" (Love on the run) also known as Trop plain d'amour and Cavale, opposing Nicolas Cazalé. Jennifer played Noémie, a young teenager who goes on the run with Simon, a boy who's on a fast track of life.

            Although Jennifer is into feature films, she also shows interest in short-films as well, for that she would be next seen in Pierre Bernier's Jeux de haute société (2003), a short-film that only lasted 14 minutes, in which she plays Madame Blanche.

            Her acting skills don't stop there. She also started in the renown french series Une Femme d'Honneur (2005) on the episode of Les Liens du Sang, playing as Laëtitia Cervantes, a very intense and interesting character.

            In the year of 2006, became the most busy year for Jennifer, for she completed four films. Starting the year off with Jeune Homme, a Swiss film, in which she plays Elodie Dumoulin, a young artist, who takes drawing lessons and meets the leading character Sebastian, played by Matthias Schoch. Who is this new transfer student from abroad that came to study in France, Sebastian stayed in a french family resident who coincidentally is Elodie's family.

            After Jeune Homme, came Les Amants Du Flore a very famouse and acclaim film, directed by Ilan Duran Cohen, starting the magnific Anna Mouglalis. Jennifer played Marina, a very sensitive character, who is a student that fell in love with her teacher Simone de Beauvoir, at first. But later had a lover, who died due to the consequences of second world war.

            Who knew that in 2006, that Hollywood came knocking on Jennifer's door, when she was discovered by Tony Bill while vacationing in Paris. She was then cast as Lucienne, opposing James Franco and Jean Reno. This became the debut of Jennifer's career as an actress, for which she receive the attention of critics and more fans from an international audience.

            She remain as a low-profile actress returning to France, and did a small TV-FILM of two parts, consisting the life of Jeanne Poisson, la Pompadour. The film title is Jeanne Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour (2006). Jennifer plays La Dauphine, who was the wife of Jeanne Poisson husband's best friend, in this film she plays a much more older character, not the usual character she focused on before.

            After working with Robin Davis in Jeanne Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour, she stared at a even more interesting role, a comedy known as Hellphone (2007), directed by James Huth, the movie was not like other Hellphone movie made by Hollywood, but it had a very different angle to it. Jennifer plays Angie, the love interest of Sid, played by Jean-Baptist Maunier, who was desperately wanting to date her, but had no cell phone to contact her. Sid bought this amazing phone that cost 30 euro at a cheap Chinese store, to be able to have a closer connection with Angie, not knowing that the phone came from Hell. The film earned a lot of press attention, and boosted Jennifer's career into a higher level.

            She took 2008 off from the movie industry, but in 2009 she made a great come-back in the German film called Lulu & Jimi, opposing Ray Fearon and directed by the acclaimed director Oskar Roehler. The film went on to be the official selection of German film festival. Jenn plays Lulu, a very outgoing and rich German lady that falls deeply in love with Jimi, a black man who was a middle class worker in the fair near where Lulu lives. Over the disapproval of her family of Jimi, she runs away with him, running from one state to another. The film has a very colorful theme, and a rock & roll vibe.

            After Lulu & Jimi, she starred in Erreur de la banque en votre faveur (2009), a French film directed by Gérard Bitton and Michel Munz. The film talks about a group of guys planning of stealing the city bank. Jennifer played Harmony, who is the local employee who falls in love of her boss, aka one of the men involved in the plan of the robbery.

            In 2010, she played Laura opposite with Anaïs Demoustier and Pio Marmaï in D'amour et d'eau fraîche, directed by Isabelle Czajka. This was her second film with Anaïs Demoustier, the first one being Hellphone (2007).

            Jennifer now should be in France, filming a tv-film, called Les Amants Naufragué also known as Les Veufs for the novel in which this film is based on. The schedule filming ends around November, and the movie should be releasing till 2011. It is directed by Jean-Christophe Delpias, Jennifer plays Mathilde, wife of Stan who is a writer, and had just finished witting his latest novel The Castaways. Stan who is a very jealous lover, is concern that his beautiful wife Mathilde, who is a Model is cheating on him. For that matter Stan sends his friend to spy on Mathilde who had lied about wanting to spend more time with her parents. Stan found out that the parents was actually a handsome young fashion designer. Over the rage he felt of Mathilde's infidelity, he goes over to surprise the lovers, but over reacting on the scene and killed the young designer on the spot. But what if the author had mistaken fiction for fact?.

            Over the course of time, Jennifer not only starred in movies, short-films, theatrical performance but much more. She is a wonderful and mega talented actress that has a bright future. These are the several Theatrical act she's been in including the renown play she collaborated with Block N'Fall, entitle "Novembre, Déjà" in 2009 and 2010.