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            Craig Hamrick


            New York-based author/photographer Craig Hamrick has written several show business-related books, including the biography of actor Louis Edmonds (longtime cast member of the soap opera "All My Children" (1970), as "Langley Wallingford"), and a trivia quiz book focusing on classic television series.

            He has done still photography for a number of New York stage productions as well as independent films and television series.

            Since the early 1990s, Hamrick has produced the cabaret shows of TV actress Nancy Barrett ("Dark Shadows" (1966), "One Life to Live" (1968), "Ryan's Hope" (1975)) and designed websites for many of TV actors including David Selby ("Falcon Crest" (1981)), Lara Parker ("Dark Shadows" (1966)), 'PJ Mehaffey' ("The It Factor" (2002)) and Diana Millay (more than 100 guest-starring roles in such classics as "My Three Sons" (1960) and "Father Knows Best" (1954)).